Since 2005, ABAD TADBIR PARS COMPANY has experience to satisfied clients in the field of oil and gas industries .ABAD TADBIR PARS has become a leader in packaging systems industry consulting and services . We are accredited by major international vendors in the field of packaging .we found that the customer-support aspect is especially important to users in the petrochemical industry, because many companies are becoming more integrated between operations and logistics. Our scope of supply includes the responsibility for all stages of packaging system projects execution including initial design, detailed design of process, mechanical, electrical, control and instrumentation, procurement, testing & installation, and technical services. We also provide a commissioning, operation management and technical services if required.

ABAD TADBIR PARS Co. offers customers training programs that range from basic operation to advanced courses. The main objective of training course is the proper operation and maintenance of packaging lines. Our training can reduce operating and maintenance costs, and extend packaging equipment’s operating life.  We also prepare and present customized courses tailored to customers’ particular requirements.

As everybody knows petrochemical packaging systems was concerned, they had to rely on powerful partners. ABAD TADBIR PARS procedure achieving result in this filed as well as split responsibility.